January- February 2013 Prayer Letter

January- February 2013 Prayer Letter


Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborers,

    Is.61:10 I will greatly rejoice in the Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; for he hath clothed me with the garments of salvation,… Our hearts are joyful and we rejoice, not only in our salvation but in the salvation of others. The Lord is still in the business of saving sinners and changing lives. We have seen the Lord move upon lives and we are grateful for all he has done in us and through us. Recently, in a service in Graham County Jail and young man came out for service but returned to his cell when the preaching started. At the end of the service he came back out of his cell and I began to talk to him about where he was going to spend eternity. God had already been working in his heart and after a few minutes of sharing the scriptures with him, he cried out to the Lord for salvation. Glory!!! We also had a young man saved in our services at WYI as well as two men in Craggy Correctional since our last letter. Please pray for these men as well as others that keep coming out to our services but haven’t trusted Christ for salvation.

    We have a very busy schedule in the coming months and we desire your prayers that the Lord would bless our efforts to spread the Gospel in the prisons. We will be having a revival at WYI in Morganton NC during March and we are excited about this. We have weekly services at this prison and we are excited about reaching out to more of these young men and trying to get them involved in our regular services there. Many of the men who get saved during the revivals start coming out to our services and we are able to disciple them and help them to grow in their faith. We will also be in Mississippi for a revival at another youth facility. Please pray for these young men that God would soften their hearts and that they would receive the Gospel. We will also be in a youth facility in Nashville TN during April and we have a youth meeting at a supporting church as well. We are excited about every opportunity that we have to go into prison and share the Gospel. We are praying that the Lord would open even more doors in many more prisons.

    The character classes in the public school are continuing to go well. God has blessed at the school. I have already spoken to the principal about coming back next year and he assured me that as long as he was there that we had an open door. Please help us pray for these young people as well as the staff of the school. It is our desire to be a light inside the school to all that we encounter while we are there.

   We have several meetings in the next few months. Some in churches we haven’t been before and some in supporting churches to update them on the ministry. If you would like for us to come back by to update your church on what is going on, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to schedule a time to come by. It is hard to put all we are doing into one letter with the prisons, school, and the homeless ministry. God has greatly blessed our ministry and we are very grateful for that. We realize that without him we can not do anything.

     We would like to once again thank each of you for all you do for our family.  We could not do what God has called us to do without all the prayers and financial support each of you provide. May the grace of our precious Lord be with all of you.                                                                           

            There Is Hope,

                        Todd, Missy, Abbey, & Emily