July-August 2012 Prayer Letter

July-August 2012 Prayer Letter


Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborer,

     School has officially started back this year and with the start of a new school year, we have already started our character classes back up. The school made a few changes this year on our schedule. At first I was a little concerned, but it has been working out real well so far. The new schedule actually has giving us a few more students that we didn’t have last year. This has been a real blessing within itself. Please keep this part of our ministry in your prayers. There are so many needs there and we just want to encourage those young people to make the right choices and to look to the Lord for help.

    God is really blessing in the prisons. In July during the revival at Craggy Correctional in Asheville NC, they were six men that made professions of faith. What a blessing this was. Those men have started coming to our regular services there and have began to grow in their faith. We are grateful for how God is moving at this prison but they are so many more that just refuse to come to Christ. Please pray for these that they will come to Him before it is too late, not only here but in other prisons as well. We had one saved in BCC in July and four young men saved in WYI during the month of August. In WYI there is a young Hispanic that has been coming to the services every week. He will just sit there and cry but has yet to come forward for salvation. I spoke with him in our last service there, and he is confused but God is working in his heart. He just doesn’t understand completely that salvation is a free gift and it’s not by works. He gets out real soon, we are praying that God would open his eyes and that he would trust Christ as his Saviour before his release. Some of these youth offenders in WYI have very short sentences, so I don’t have long to reach some of them. Please pray that we can reach as many as we can with the Gospel while they are there. We have a few prison revivals coming up that we will be helping in and we are asking God to do big things in these meetings. Also, please help us pray that God would open more doors in the prisons. We are currently trying to get into some more facilities. There is so much to be done in this ministry and so many different places that need to be reached. It is our desire to reach all of the incarcerated as we possibly can!!

   Abbey fell a few weeks ago and broke her arm above the wrist. Thankfully it was not her writing hand. The doctors put a cast on her and she is doing much better now. She gets her cast off in a few days. Everyone else is doing fine. Please keep our family in your prayers that God would continue to watch over us as we travel and that we might bring him glory in all we do.

    We can never express our gratitude to all those who give to support our ministry. Without the faithful support of so many we could not reach those God is allowing us to reach. Please keep praying for our support to continue to increase to where it needs to be. We are praying God would bring the rest of our support in by the end of the year. Thank you so much for your support and your prayers. May the grace of our precious Lord be with you always! God Bless!

                There Is Hope,

                            Todd, Missy, Abbey, & Emily