March-April 2013 Prayer Letter

March-April 2013 Prayer Letter



Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborer,

   We have been very busy since our last prayer letter. God allowed us to be in prison revivals in Morganton NC at Western Youth Institute and in Walnut Grove MS at Walnut Grove Youth Correctional. God really blessed at these two facilities and we seen several professions of faith. Please pray for these young men. Many of them face strong persecution for turning from their lifestyle of sin. One young man in MS that I talked with several times throughout the week told me that he was a gang leader and that his whole family was involved in that lifestyle. This young man got saved on the Thursday night of the meeting and after service he said that he was through with the gangs!! That was wonderful news but no doubt this young man will face some opposition for his faith. I am glad God can and will save any sinner who will repent and believe the Gospel!!

    We have seen the Lord bless in our regular prison services as well. We have had three saved at WYI in our weekly services, one saved at Craggy Correctional, one at Yancey County Jail, and one at Graham County Jail since our last prayer letter. In a recent service at Yancey County Jail, one man came to me after service and said that God was dealing with him and that his life and family was in a mess but he wasn’t ready to let go of his sin and turn to God. Please pray for this man and many others that are in the same situation, blinded and bound by sin! It is heartbreaking to see people in that condition but I know God is able to break the bondage of sin in there lives!

   God is blessing in the homeless ministry as well. Recently we were back in Knoxville TN handing out some backpacks and giving them the Gospel. Many churches have helped by giving supplies and money to provide for the backpacks and we are grateful for that. Brother Andrew Casstevens out of Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Mt Airy NC collected almost two hundred blankets for us to distribute. Since the weather is a getting warmer and blankets are not as needed, we decided to store these until winter and then have a blanket drive at a shelter close by. We will give out the blankets along with the Gospel.  We would like to thank Bro. Andrew for all the help.

   We are attempting to get into some more prisons and we would appreciate you making this a matter of prayer. It is our desire to reach as many as the incarcerated of America that we possibly can and we are praying for God to open new doors in this area of the ministry.  Also, pray for our family as we have a very busy schedule coming up and will be on the road a great deal. Please pray for traveling mercies as we travel and for souls to be saved in our efforts. We are so thankful for every prayer that is prayed, all the financial support, and the kind words of encouragement giving by so many. We could not do what we do without your help. May the grace of our precious Lord be with you all! 


            There Is Hope,

                          Todd, Missy, Abbey, & Emily