November-December 2013 Prayer Letter

 Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborer,

     Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We hope this letter finds each of you enjoying the blessings of God.  It’s hard to believe that we are already heading into a new year. We hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season. God blessed our family with a wonderful Christmas this year! Many of you sent cards, gifts, and extra money to encourage our family and we are so grateful for everything we have received from each of you. The goodness of God and God’s people has overwhelmed us this year. Thanks again for allowing us to do what God has called us to do and for thinking of us through the holidays!

   In November, God allowed us to have a revival at our local jail. We go to this jail on a weekly basis but it had been a while since we had a revival there. The Lord blessed the services each night. During this meeting we had one man get saved by the grace of God. God has made a visible difference in this mans life. Please pray for him as he continues to grow in his faith. Also, we had a wonderful time in our services at Craggy Correctional in November, with two more men calling out on God for salvation! On Veterans Day we took several people from our home church and went to Knoxville TN to hand out some supplies to the homeless there! God allowed us to give out 106 bags packed with blankets, food, hygiene items, a bible, and a gospel tract. We where able to give the Gospel to several people that day! Abbey, which is our oldest daughter, wanted to give out hot chocolate while we were handing out bags! So we set her up a table and she gave them something warm to drink on a cold day. This turned out to be a real blessing because after all the bags were gone many would come by just for some hot chocolate and we were able to share the Gospel with them! It is amazing what God can use for his glory! We would like to thank those that gave and labored to help with this project! We couldn’t have done it without you!

  December started off with a revival at a prison in Mississippi! God blessed this meeting and we had several that trusted Christ for salvation! One young man that got saved was one that we had dealt with back in March while we were there. He said then that he was raised in a good godly home but he rejected God and rebelled against his parents then had joined a gang. He told us he couldn’t and wouldn’t get saved as long as he was in prison because he needed that gang for survival! God allowed us to talk to him again this past December but he again rejected God! We asked him if we could pray for him before we left and as we began to pray, God broke my heart and I began to weep and cry over this young man! After we prayed he just walked off! A couple of days later we saw him working in a barber shop inside the prison. We walked to the door and asked him if he had thought anymore about God. He stopped what he was doing, walked out into the hall way, and said I’m ready! The young man hit his knees and began to call on God for salvation! He later said God had been dealing with him since we seen him last and he that he was tired of his lifestyle and ready to turn from his sin and follow God! God is still able! We also had another young man saved at Graham County Jail this month!

 Just recently we found out that Emily has mono! She has been very sick for weeks and the doctor said it could be three or four months before she gets over it all. When you pray, please ask the Lord to touch her and give her strength. Keep us all in your prayers that we can do all we can for the glory of God! If anyone would like us to come by to give an update on the ministry just let us know and we would love to come by and share the blessings of God! Thanks again for everything! May the grace of our precious Lord be with you always! God Bless!                                                    

          There Is Hope,

               Todd, Missy, Abbey, and Emily