November-December 2018 Prayer Letter

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Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborer,

            We trust this letter finds you enjoying the blessings of our Lord and we hope each of you had a wonderful holiday season. God blessed our family with a great Christmas and we enjoyed time spent with family and friends. We are grateful for all that sent cards, gifts, and extra money to encourage our family over the holidays. We appreciate you thinking of us during this joyous time of year.

            Since our last letter we have had one saved at Craggy Correctional and two at Yancey County Jail. One of the men that got saved at Yancey County Jail, was a man that was a professing Muslim. The first time we met him, he informed us of his religion and his lack of understanding for the Gospel. He began to tell us how he desired a Bible and was interested in knowing more about salvation. We gave him a Bible and encouraged him to read it with an open mind and heart. When we went back in November, he had been searching the scriptures for the truth and after the service that night, he called on the Lord for salvation. What a blessing to see the Lord open the eyes of those that are blinded by false doctrine. We also had the privilege of being a part of a revival at the Morrison Correctional Institute. This facility has an adult unit and a youth offender unit. We were able to visit on both units and have service each night. The Lord gave us a wonderful week and we saw 13 men call on Christ for salvation. We closed out the year at Turkey Cove Baptist Church for their annual Winter Teen Jubilee. We are grateful for what the Lord done in the hearts of His people during this meeting.

         We have had some difficult times this past year, with some of my health issues and the loss of Missy’s father, but through it all the Lord has been good. She is still grieving and has good days and bad days. Please continue to pray for her and her family as they grieve over their loss. We are grateful to enter into a new year and are excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in the days ahead. Our schedule is already beginning to fill up with prison meetings, revivals, and youth camps. We are asking the Lord to open even more doors in the days ahead and we would ask that you would help us pray that the Lord would enlarge our coasts! We are also praying about the possibility of another foreign trip this coming year. Please partner with us in prayer as we seek the Lord concerning this matter. Our desire is to be used of the Lord in a mighty way during these last days! If anyone would like for us to come by and give an update to your church or if we can be a help in anyway, please feel free to contact us. Thanks again for your faithful support and prayers. God Bless you all!

                  There Is Hope,

                                Todd, Missy, Abbey, and Emily