November-December 2011 Prayer Letter

November-December 2011


Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborer,

     Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. We would like to thank everyone for all the cards, gifts, and each kind act to our family during the holidays.

       It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. We are so thankful for all that God has allowed us to do this past year. We have been blessed to meet many great people and be in some wonderful churches. Also, we have watched God grow the ministry, opening doors in new facilities, schools, as well as several revivals and youth meetings. We do not take for granted the blessings of God, and we realize that all of this is made possible with the support of God’s people. We would like to thank every church and individual that contributes to our ministry. Also, for every church that allowed us the privilege of being a part of their services this year and for those who have decided to partner with us in reaching the incarcerated of America. Please continue to pray for God to open doors and to bring in the remainder of our needed support. It has slowed down a little thorough the holidays but we are starting to fill up our calendar for next year and we are excited to see what God is going to allow us to be a part of this new year.

       A lot has happened since our last prayer letter. The revival at WYI in November went very well. Several young men were saved in the three days that we were there. On the first day of the revival, I talked to a young man on the yard that refused to come to service. He was very vocal about the fact that he wasn’t looking for God. I began to talk to others that were all seated at a table next to him. As I talked to these other men, I noticed that the young man began to listen at a distance. That night he showed up at service. I preached on “The Salvation of Saul” out of the book of Acts. When I gave the altar call, several came forward to be saved. The young man, that just a few hours earlier had no desire to even hear about Christ, was among those that came forward. That night he got saved by the Grace of God. It is exciting to watch God change hearts and work on these people. I have a service in this prison every Thursday and this allows me to be able to follow up with a lot of these men that make professions in the revivals. Please pray for the weekly services there that God will continue to work in the hearts of these youth offenders. Please pray for the work in the other facilities that we are currently working in as well. The attendance in the services at Buncombe County Correctional has continued to grow and I am excited about what God is doing there. God is blessing our efforts to reach these men with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus, for this we are very grateful.

     The school ministry is going well. We are now in two schools, a Christian school in our area and the public school. Please pray for these schools and for us as we try to reach them. It is our desire to warn these kids of the dangers of making bad decisions and how destructive sin is in our lives. If we can reach them while they are still young just maybe we can prevent them from ending up like so many we see in the prison system. Of course, the ultimate goal is to point those to Christ that do not know him. What an opportunity this is to be a light in the school system and we need God’s help each time we enter the class room. Please pray for these kids that we deal with and for the direction of the Holy Ghost while we are there.

     Thank you all for everything you do for us. May the grace of our precious Lord be with you all. We love each one of you and look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon.

              There Is Hope

                       Todd, Missy, Abbey, & Emily