September-October 2011 Prayer Letter

September-October 2011 Prayer Letter



Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborers,

     “O give thanks unto the Lord; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.” (PS. 136:1) This verse exhorts us to praise God or to give thanks, and one reason we can give thanks is the fact that God is good.  We are so thankful for the Lord’s goodness and mercy that he has showed unto us, and trust that each of you are enjoying the goodness of God as well.

   Since our last letter there has been nine young men get saved in the youth facility. God has truly blessed the services there. We are having more and more come out for service and the Lord is working in the hearts of these young men. Please pray for the ministry there, almost every service we have new inmates and several have acknowledged that they are not saved.  This prison has a high turn over rate. Some come in with very short sentences and are not there long so we see new ones come and go almost every week. Pray that we can reach them in the short time that they are there.

   God recently opened a door for us at the Yancey County Jail. We had our first service there in mid October. It went real well. The jail has two different units and I was allowed to preach to both of them. God blessed in both services and the men were very receptive. Many acknowledged they were not saved. Please help us pray for the salvation of these men and that God would continue to bless the work there. I would like to say I appreciate Pastor Bradley Boone for working this out for us.

    We desire your prayers for the other facilities that we are in as well. The last service in BCC we had the largest crowed that we have had so far in this prison. God moved and one man came forward for salvation. Also, we spent three days in two different prisons in Columbia SC at the end of September. God moved in a mighty way in these prisons and several trusted Christ as their Saviour.

    Missy has really had a lot of trouble out of her back lately. She has been in a lot of pain. The doctors are trying to treat her with rest and anti-inflammatory medication. If this doesn’t work she will have to have an MRI to determine what is going on. Please pray for God to touch her and help her through this.

    We would like to thank all those who have taking us on for support.  We have had seven new churches that have decided to make our family a part of their mission outreach and they are several more churches that are considering partnering with us in reaching the incarcerated of America. We are currently at 70% of our needed support. Help us pray that we will be fully supported soon.

   Thank you all for everything you do for us. May the grace of our precious Lord be with you all.

                  There Is Hope,

                              Todd, Missy, Abbey, & Emily