September-October 2012 Prayer Letter

September-October 2012 Prayer Letter


Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Co-laborer,

   These last few months we have been very busy in the ministry. God has opened so many doors and blessed in so many ways. Since our last letter we have had 30 men make professions of faith in different prisons. One in WYI, two at Yancey County Jail, nineteen at Manning Correctional in Columbia SC, one at Craggy Correctional, and seven at Woodland Hills Detention Center in Nashville TN. We praise the Lord for working in the hearts and lives of these men.

   Please continue to pray for God to use us to reach out to those that are incarcerated. There are so many that need the Lord in their lives. Recently I spoke to a young man in a youth prison that was an admitted gang member. He said that he was raised in the gang lifestyle and that his father was a high ranking member in the gang. God was working on the young man’s heart but he wasn’t willing to turn from his gang and turn to Christ. He went on to say that he wanted to, but he was afraid that if he did that they would kill him for turning his back on the gang. Please pray for this young man and many others like him who face strong persecution for turning to Christ. He agreed to continue to come to our weekly services at the prison. He only has a short time left before his release, so pray that the Lord would work in his heart and that he would trust Christ.

   As some of you may know, the Lord has allowed us to start a new outreach in our ministry to the homeless of America. We have quickly learned that this goes hand in hand with the prison ministry. Many of those that are homeless were released from prison and had no place to go but to the streets. We have been gathering backpacks and filling them with food, blankets, gloves, hygiene supplies, and most importantly a bible and gospel tracts. Once we have a few bags ready we have been hitting the streets, looking for those that are in need, and giving them a bag and sharing the Gospel with them. Missy has been real busy gathering supplies and packing bags for this part of the ministry. Please help us pray about this. It is heartbreaking to see people that don’t have anything be so excited about getting a bag with a few supplies in it. Of course, our main goal in all of this is to get the Gospel of the Lord Jesus to them.

   We have not been able to focus much on deputation because we have been so busy with everything we have going on. With the prisons, the school, the homeless bags, and preaching a few meetings there just hasn’t been any time to try and raise some more support. We are a few churches away from being fully supported though. Please help us pray that the rest of our support will come in quickly. We need about 17 more churches to partner with us in the ministry.  God has been good to our family and we would like to thank all of you who support our ministry. We realize that without the help of so many that we could not do what we do. Thank you so much for your faithful support and prayers for our family. God Bless!!

                         There Is Hope,

                                      Todd, Missy, Abbey, & Emily